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Spending days outside in the sun, in the rain, seeing a lot of nicely posing animals, seeing no animals at all, taking a thousand of bad pictures, taking just that one perfect shot or taking no pictures at all. Nature photography is my favourite way of living your life. I hope you will enjoy my pictures as much as I loved spending the time to take them.


Graduated as a landscape architect, I have learned to look at landscapes in a different way. How a landscape is formed and what the elements are that determine and shape a landscape have given me more insight into photography. ​I am still learning through a lot of trial and error, but especially through a growing passion and drive for the natural world.


Wildlife and landscape photography is definitely a challenge, but that doesn't make it any less fascinating. I like to look for nature both under our noses and abroad. In this way I hope to draw attention to the beauty and diversity of our natural environment

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